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You may be wondering some uses for the voodoo floss. Below is a video to help with your internal rotation. Make sure to wrap your shoulder, from the beginning of the deltoid at the collar bone to about the middle of your arm. Remember to test/retest and stay out of the pain cave. Be sure to wrap your arm nice and snug but just enough to keep blood flow. If things get numb, stop and retry after working the other arm. Note that having a buddy always helps, but a KB or barbell work as well.



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Last week I mentioned assessment as a means of where to start. This week the focus is simply to remind you all to test and retest or “test/retest”. The test/retest can be a an air squat, press, elbows high and outside, and so on. To keep it simple and understandable, apply movements in the gym to problem areas.

Today in the gym some people were having there knees come in on a squat. This is undesirable! one may have been awareness but the other was probably due to some deficiencies. The video below from mobility wod covers the tissues surrounding the hip and hip capsule all in one!

1) Test/Retest Air Squat

2)5 min each leg

3) Stay Classy


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Let’s be honest folks. Important as mobility is, most of us do our WOD and move on. We are forgetting an important part of our training. Think of CFDM as a place to “mess around (experiment) on  human guinea pigs (athletes) at the gym (lab).” -mwod

We need to start somewhere, but where exactly? Assessment! We need to understand our own personal ROM deficiencies. This may take a partner or coach to help you, but don’t skip this step! How can you check? Here is an example from K Star’s site.

If you are ever wanting to check for other assessments, check out mobilitywod.com and become a supple leopard. It is but another tool in the box towards becoming a better you.